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corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> and this is bbc world news america reporting from washington the biggest military half of all time -- the biggest military hack of all time. claiming the war crimes -- ready for round the two? the u.s. presidential candidates heading to their second presidential debate and the stakes are high.
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welcome around the globe. the man accused of carrying out the biggest hack ever -- but today the british government ruled it will not extradite him to america. a battle waged on behalf of mr. mckinnon who's been diagnosed with as burgers a syndrome. >> he could not speak. >> her and her mother revealed how her son reacted. >> hiking and trying. it is so emotional. >> the joy and relief of a parent who has been fighting the u.s. government for one decade. >> [inaudible] >> he does not deny the u.s. charges. from 10 years ago, he carried out what one u.s. prosecutor
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described as the biggest military computer hack of all time. his supporters say he is a young man with a mild autism, simply looking for information on ufo's. when supporters across the political spectrum and public life. david cameron raised his case with president obama to reassess his medical condition. this is he was in serious risk of committing suicide if forced to attend a trial in united states. >> i have concluded that mr. mckinnon's extradition would arise to a high risk of him ending his life. the decision to extradite would be incompatible with his human rights. i therefore withdraw the extradition order. it will now be --
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>> cheers and clapping in the commons but today's announcement will be treated differently in the pentagon. in the months before 9/11, he hacked into the military. he wrote that the u.s. foreign policy is akin to government- sponsored terrorism. i will continue to disrupt. >> the united states was disappointed it. we are examining the details of the decision. >> it is not the end of the road. the home secretary has made it clear he could face charges in this country. she wants to reform the extradition process to make it fairer. >> if the message goes out that britain sees extradition as a one-way street, the other
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countries will also start saying, why should we cooperate with britain? but they will accept medical reasons for not doing extradition. >> two weeks ago the home office was celebrating the success one of the four was accused of computer-related activity. and they have accused the government of double standards. bbc news. >> for more on today's decision, i spoke with that jane. what is the reaction here in washington? >> they are safe united states is officially disappointed in this decision. it has, after all, been looking to extradite him for 10 years it was described -- for 10 years. it was described as the greatest military hack of all time. this been embarrassing because
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he was able to do it not so long after the 9/11 attacks. it is more than disappointing, if not a furious. he did say he was looking for u.s. "'s. -- ufo's. we saw them extradited earlier this month. think their reaction would have been much stronger >> my understanding is they take a cyber terrorism -- then a much stronger. >> my understanding is that they take cyber terrorism seriously. >> yes. when it comes to cyber crime, why not prosecute people who allegedly commit these crimes in
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the u.k. and not in the u.s.? that may be something we start to see on the future. this was an exceptional and our treaty -- >> he should be praised with working peace and not a war crimes. crimes against humanity in the 1990 posies. he alleged today that he had faked the notorious shelling in which more than 100 people died. >> of the international criminal tribunal is now in session >> he brought his old war-time certainties' to court. he showed not a hint of self doubt. he should be -- he said he should be praised and not
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prosecuted because he was never allowed the smallest crime. he said he had reduced suffering and showed mercy. he said he was not an aggressive man. in the public galleries, survivors of the war shouted, lies. the tories concentration camps or fate, he said, for the foreign media. he was in one such camp in 1992. this was him today. he left in tears. >> i felt sad and humiliated. it is not sure that what happened to us and that campbell was a fake. >> in 1994, he claimed this was also fake. he claimed that some of the bodies were mannequins. >> as -- a shameless orchestration. obviously, some people were killed by that explosion.
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but we also saw and joint manikins being grown on to trucks, creating this show for the world. >> 8000 men and boys were murdered. there were no indications that anyone had been killed. he had given an order that all civilians were to be rid protected. his case is that the firm had no choice. they had been faced with genocide before and were threatened with genocide again. all members of the international community came with such prejudice, that there was nothing we could do. >> did some of the crimes he was accused of happened that is beyond a doubt. can he prove his innocence when the killed of some many others is already established? bbc news. >> in at the nile and the
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defiant of there. in other news from around the world, -- in a denial and defiance of others. in other news, was charged with providing support of terrorism in guantanamo bay. the conviction cannot stand because supporting terrorism is not a war crime. she has become the first woman and the first of britain to become the coveted man. she just described to as the greatest prose writing. the art of historical fiction. reconstructive surgery for the 14-year-old pakistan in girl who was shot by the caliban -- by
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the taliban. she could make a good recovery from her injuries. >> an initial medical assessments at the queen elizabeth hospital are now complete. immediate concern that the long journey from pockets done, where she had been stabilized might set her back. but doctors here say she had a comfortable night. >> we are very pleased with the progress she has made a so far. she is showing every sign of being just as every bit of strong as we are believed to believe she is. >> security here is becoming an issue with several incidents reported overnight. >> i understand the number of people turned up claiming to be her family, and they have been a
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arrested. >> police are playing down the incident saying that no one was arrested and is was just some well-wishers who were told they cannot go and see her. hospital employees say a woman did try to get through and say she was her mother. >> what they might not have been any threats in this incident, there is a very visible security presence here. the police are taking no chances. and for good reason. it is feared that if taliban militants could try again to kill her. and today, they issued a statement describing her as a spy of the west. for her, that means even if she does make a good recovery, it to be extremely difficult for her to return to pakistan. bbc news, birmingham. >> extraordinarily -- extraordinary that security
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cons -- security concerns could follow a 14-year-old girl. traveling back in time 50 years after the cuban missile crisis. war could have been launched. drought, soaring prices, conflicts have left almost 19 million people in africa and able to see to their families or with little access to nutritious food. he has been to the ivory coast to look at the malnutrition in that country. >> it is known as hidden hunger. syria help the health care -- similar help the children who are, in reality, suffering from chronic malnutrition. they're not eating the right foods and that is leading to stunted growth, lower iq's, and less resistance from attracting potentially fatal diseases.
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debt now return to the ivory coast disputing the presidential election -- they have now returned to the coast after the presidential election. >> most of the time, mothers do not know what to give their young children. this is a message we need to give to spread the message of what nutrients to give babies and young children. >> it is here where they come to sell their foods for the best prices. that often means that their children back on the farms -- agencies here say that as confusing about 1/3 of children suffering from chronic malnutrition. >> in a nation where the wages -- per day, providing is difficult for some very -- for some. >> there are many problems of health with them. the food i by is not the best
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quality. it is not sufficient. >> for the struggling here to give their children the best art and life, that message -- the best start in life, that message is beginning to be received. richard conway, bbc news. >> two weeks ago, a 19-minute debate between president barack obama and governor mitt romney changed the american election. in a few hours' time, there will hold their second debate. mr. obama hopes he can swing in the race back in his favor. from new york. >> the president has something to prove to 9 in the last debate he seemed disengaged, passionless, and a tired. mitt romney attacked, and he failed to fight back. nearly 17 million americans
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watched and the opinion polls and narrowed. there is a lot to play for. >> when this started out, it looked like mitt romney thought he could get elected by not being barack obama. after a while, a look like obama could get reelected by not being met romney. it turns out that is not going to work for either of them. they have to give voters an affirmative reason to support them. >> i still fabulous. >> obama has been locked away with his team, preparing. in the past, this format has produced surprises. >> can he get things done? >> undecided voters will pose questions on both domestic and foreign affairs. >> they say the white house romney blamed the -- clinton and a video -- on a video.
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>> hillary clinton stepped in to take the blame. >> i'm in charge of the state department. the president and vice president certainly would not be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> republican senators claimed the president should have known something like this was going to happen and that he bears full responsibility. strategists say it is a potent charge. >> it is a bit of a debacle. it is made to president looked incompetent on foreign policy. it is made his administration look like they don't know what they're doing. >> tonight's questions come from undecided voters from the area. the economy not foreign affairs may be the main concern. it is enthusiasm and vigor that are under scrutiny.
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>> he cannot perform -- afford another performance like last time. that would be difficult to recover from. >> a lot of pressure on barack obama tonight. the one thing the candidates to agree on is the american economy needs a boost. there are different policies on how that should be done. a short time ago -- he joined the from newport beach, california. as voters watch this debate and make their decision about the american election, what will be the biggest decision under president obama or a president romney? >> they will hear that there will be lots of differences, but the reality is a difference. at this stage, each candidate is trying to -- themselves. they do this by raising doubt about the other. look for romney to claim that
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obama will raise taxes across the board. look for obama to claim that romney will destroy the social safety net. the reality is that whoever wins in november will have a very small set of policies they can pursue if they want to put this economy back on track. there will have to do a bit of both. this " reform on the tax side and the expenditure side. >> on a camping trip with her for mitt romney that he will be much more aggressive about cutting the federal deficit. will he do that? >> no. he is going to have to recognize that if he goes too far, he will undermine this recovery that america is going through right now. at the end of the day, there's only a small set of measures that can be taken. the main question is on the economic side. the main question will be on the social side. what social judgments are made to accompany where there is a rather limited set of economic
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options. >> is there a difference there? i saw your economic decisions cause social changes. the difference between the two administrations, what would be the difference is if mitt romney was president and of barack obama has a second term? >> there is a fundamental difference in how each party views things. for the democrats, the average american has been hit by a rapid paradigm change and any time to adjust. you need to have the social safety net to help people adjust. for the republican side, it is very different. get the government out of the way an individual and just very quickly and they will find their own self assurance. these are fundamentally different characterization's. >> very balanced. what about the jobs and growth?
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that is what they are going to be very focused on is their own jobs situation. will that change of the two different presidents? >> the good news is that the economy is healing. consumer sentiment, retail sales, and jobless claims -- the all confirm the u.s. economy is healing. the head winds from europe are not too strong. it is a fundamental issue that i, as a parent, worries about. if we're careful, our children's generation may be worse off than our spirit that as of the americas not face for over a century. >> this summer, they did a survey of business leaders here in america and business leaders around the world. business leaders around the world say they prefer barack obama. business leaders in america say they would prefer mitt romney.
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why do people abroad have a different opinion on the economic side? >> i think because president obama has tried to engage more. has tried to recognize that the u.s. has a global responsibility. that the u.s. cannot dictate on the foreign-policy side. think that is much more reassuring. >so, i can understand with that comes from. the domestic view is very different. >> mohamed el-erian, the ceo of pimm code. today marks half a century since the start of the cuban missile crisis. wise -- widely seen as the closest we ever come to nuclear war.
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they were there because cuba fear that america was planning to invade and topple its socialist revolution. today, the missiles have gone and socialism has not. >> taking a ride back in time on the trail of the cuban missile crisis. i came to the countryside looking for traces of october, 1962 when the world came the closest ever to nuclear war. there were fragments of that passed in strange places here. parts of a concrete silo made to store nuclear warheads. reaching the main site takes a tracek into the hillside. up here is reappointed missiles at america. but this historian tells me the whole crisis could have been avoided. >> i think the soviets could
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have disguised missiles with tobacco or chicken. it is one of the incomprehensible aspects of the crisis that they barely took any camouflage measures. >> the military base was spotted by the americans. 50 years ago, this was the silo where they tap 12 nuclear warheads. it was a valid act of self- defense, but it brought the two superpowers at the time to debate six days after seeing a real images, president kennedy announced a naval blockade of cuba. >> i direct the final -- the current steps be taken immediately. >> they protected cuba opposing revolution. it was a high-risk strategy. near the launch site, locals
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recollect the days. >> if something had gone wrong, it was all over. these were two huge powers are to the teeth. it was serious. >> no more so when a u.s. plane was shot down near cuba. two years -- two days later it was removed. in return, president kennedy pledged not to invade cuba. >> we emerged stronger. we had won another battle. the americans did not invade. we are just a little island. if they are the most powerful country in the world, but we are still here. >> but it could so easily have ended otherwise. bbc news, havana. >> you can follow all the actions at the second
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presidential date on our web site. from all this year, thank you for watching. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. at union brink, -- at union bank, our finance a manager's
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guide you. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? by kcet los angeles.
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